Gift Card

A fiorella rubino GIFT card is the right CHOICE for you!

You can get it online or ask for it in enabled sales shops..
All you have to do is choose the amount you want. Amounts of 50, 100 and 150 euros con be had online, or consult the store locator to find the enabled sales shop closest to you.
f you already have a Fiorella Rubino Gift Card and want to know how much remaining credit you have, access your personal area, click on Gift Card.
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Gift Card 50
Gift Card 100
Gift Card 150


A Gift Card is an original and customised gift voucher that lets the person who receives it shop freely. This way the credit can be spent freely and the gift that is wished for from among the items and accessories of the Fiorella Rubino Collection can be chosen.
Consult the STORE LOCATOR to find the enabled sales shop closest to you.


A Gift Card can be used at all Fiorella Rubino points of sale and for online purchases. At a sales shop, all you have to do is show the card when paying at the till. Reading the bar code will make the code it contains immediately available. Online you will have to enter the code at the check-out stage when paying.


A FIORELLARUBINO GIFT CARD lets purchases be made exclusively at sales shops displaying the FIORELLARUBINO sign adhering to the initiative (a complete list of sales points is available at website card) - hereafter referred to as “Authorised Sales Shops”.

A GIFT CARD may be used only in Authorised Sales Shops in the country where is was bought.

A GIFT CARD a has no cost for activating it.

Every GIFT CARD can be bought at Authorised Sales Shops for a sum varying from 10 to 150 euros chosen the person asking for it.

A GIFT CARD is made out to bearer and can be used by anyone submitting it for the purchase of articles at Authorised Sales Shops and from the Website.

A GIFT CARD allows its holder to purchase, on one or a number of occasions, all the articles on sale at Authorised Sales Shops and on the Website until the sum loaded has been used up.

If the initial value of the GIFT CARD or any residual value of the GIFT CARED is insufficient to buy the articles desired, the missing amount must be paid in cash or using another method of payment accepted by FIORELLARUBINO.

In order to see the residual amount of the GIFT CARD it is possible to go to any Authorised Sales Shop and show the GIFT CARD at the till. The sum actually shown from reading the bar code on the GIFT CARD will be the one applying. The balance can be seen on the Website too (in the “My Profile” area).

A GIFT CARD is valid for twenty-four months with effect from the date it is activated. Once the sum loaded has been used up the holder can ask for a new GIFT CARD.

A GIFT CARD cannot be reloaded

After the expiry date of the GIFT CARD, it can anyway be reimbursed at Authorise Sales Shop if requested by the holder.

Responsivity for using and safekeeping the GIFT CARD applies to the holder exclusively. Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. (owner of the FIORELLARUBINO brand) cannot be held liable for any improper use, misplacement, theft or damage.

A GIFT CARD cannot be replaced if the bar code has become unreadable due to improper use by the holder.

PFor all information, clarification and complaints, you can send an email to the or send a letter to Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. – FIORELLARUBINO – Via S. Barbara 11 – 12051 Alba (CN).

These general conditions of use are governed by the law of Italy. Use of a GIFT CARD leads to accepting these general conditions of use