Code of Conduct

In order to represent an entrepreneurial tradition that has made family values a point of reference in the best manner, and to demonstrate tangibly the fact that it interprets its mission through a policy of responsibility based on ethical values, Miroglio S.p.A. has deemed it worthwhile to summarise a series of ethical principles and rules of conduct that must be an inspiration for its business and that of its subsidiary companies, in a Group Code of Ethics aimed at disseminating a firm ethical integrity and a corporate culture that are sensitive to abidance by the laws in force in Italy and in the various countries where it operates. Miroglio S.p.A. is determined to ensure maximum propriety in conducting its business, also as protection of the image and reputation that the Group has. It has chosen to comply, along with the Companies Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. and Miroglio Textile S.r.l., with prescriptions under Legislative Decree dated 8 June 2001, no. 231 (“Discipline of administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations even without legal personality, in the terms of article 11 of law dated 29 September 200, no. 300”), which regulation introduced the administrative liability of companies when a series of predefined criminal acts occurs committed by persons who, when acting within a company, have functions of representation, administration or management or persons subordinate to the management or oversight of these, into the legal system of Italy. Miroglio S.p.A felt necessary the adoption by each of the Companies of the Group, both in internal relations and in relations with third parties, of a series of rules of conduct aimed at disseminating firm ethical integrity and an intense respect for the law at all corporate levels that is based on setting out clearly the fundamental values by which each is inspired in achieving its own business objectives being of central importance in carrying on its activities in a proper manner and constituting a true contribution for supporting the Model of organisation, management and control that each is called upon to adopt in the terms and for the effects of the Decree. Given the foregoing, the Code of Ethics has been approved by the administrative body of each Company of the Group, which undertakes to ensure its maximum dissemination based on the assumption that abidance by it constitutes a condition that is indispensable for the proper functioning of the Group and for protecting its trustworthiness and reputation and for ever greater customer satisfaction, which are factors that together contribute to the success and current and future growth of the Miroglio Group.