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description: Gift Cards: how to buy and use them
You can buy Gift Cards online or in the Fiorella Rubino stores taking part in the scheme, and you can use them to shop on the website. Cards are anonymous, so you can also buy one to make a special gift.
The system will automatically deduct the total cost from the card, and if this is not sufficient you can pay the extra amount using another method of payment. Remember not to throw the card away after making your purchase! In the event of a refund, your card will be recharged with the full amount .
Gift Cards cannot be purchased with payment on delivery
invoices cannot be issued for Gift Cards

description_2: Coupons: how to use them
A coupon is a voucher you can get by taking part in our events or special occasions.
There are two types of coupon. The first can only be used once, while the second can be used more than one time. Both types are only valid for the limited amount of time shown in the coupon’s terms of use.
To use a coupon, enter the code number in the box provided, and the discount will be automatically applied to the total amount of the basket.

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